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Since 1986, FlevoTrade has been involved in onion cultivation. With a specialized sorting and packaging station, followed by international export, they have become experts in all aspects of the onion sector. Their profound knowledge ensures top-quality onions for customers worldwide.
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With deep roots in agriculture, FlevoTrade has a wealth of knowledge about agricultural products. They also have a large network of growers, allowing the products to be offered directly.
Agricultural products

Onions Buying at the source

Flevotrade flevopolder
Based on fertile soil:
The Flevopolder
Flevotrade origin agriculture
Origin in agriculture:
Knowledge in onion cultivation
Flevotrade production plant
27.000 m²
Production plant
Flevotrade onions
100.000 MT
Onions per year

FlevoTrade private label

FlevoTrade offers a wide range of 'shelf-ready' products under its own brand, all with the proven quality and taste of FlevoTrade.
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Primary products

Thanks to our global network, our products are carefully selected and meet the highest standards for food safety and quality.
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Suppliers with the highest safety and quality standards.


Dutch culture of entrepreneurship.


50 years experience in food.


Inhouse logistic experts.

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