Onions Grading & Packaging

FlevoTrade Onions, Grading & Packaging is an ISO 22000 certified company, specialized in onions. This 12.000 m2 production site is exclusively producing for FlevoTrade Worldwide Food Trader.
FlevoTrade has many years of experience in growing onions. This collected knowledge and expertise is shared with a group of trusted Dutch growers.
With 50 metric ton per hour, only the best onions are selected. High-tech grading equipment combined with craftsmanship ensures the worldwide appreciated high quality FlevoTrade onion.
FlevoTrade offers tailor-made packaging, to be able to serve all different markets worldwide. From 5 kg poly net bags up to 1.200 kg big bags. All bags are branded, neutral or private label.
Thanks to the excellent storage conditions, FlevoTrade is able to supply high-quality onions all year-round. The most suitable storage conditions are achieved mechanically and the onions are monitored 24/7 with high-tech equipment, to preserve the quality and taste.
The FlevoTrade QC department proactively controls the quality at every stage of the process: growing, grading, packaging & shipping. In addition to in-house quality inspections, inspections are carried out by the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Specific quality inspections are carried out depending on the destination.